Astronomical Tales

How did the best known predictor of the future use astronomy?

Nostradamus, whose prophecies have been in print for over 400 years, is still referred to today as the best known predictor of the Western World. Nostradamus used the traditional modality of the Delphic Oracles: he would sit at night before a tripod upon which simmered a brass bowl filled with water and pungent herbs.

How did Kepler prove that the planets revolve around the Sun, using the mathematics of a man with a metal nose?
the answer

He also used an astrolabe, which at the time was the primary astronomical tool that Tycho Brahe would later use to calculate accurately the positions of the planets that yielded to Kepler a proof of the heliocentric model of the solar system.

So when you're thinking about what the future may hold for you in this new millennium and you're thinking about Nostradamus for inspiration to see into the future, remember this:

Wait until it gets dark. Get out your divining rods and magic mirrors, point your astrolabe to a planet or star and see what comes up for you. Good luck!

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