2019 Mercury Transit Times
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Here are the facts you need to safely observe Mercury crossing in front the Sun on the morning of November 11, 2019. Every once in awhile, the 2 planets closest to the Sun (Venus and Mercury) line up perfectly between the Sun and Earth during daylight hours. Astronomers call this a transit and it yields all kinds of scientific information. It's also a stunning and inspiring sight that lasts over 3 hours.

All you need to see it is a visible Sun and eclipse glasses to protect your eyes. Never look directly at the Sun even at sunrise or sunset without wearing ISO certified eclipse glasses! Retinal damage is immediate and permanent. You may be told to watch the transit on TV or the Internet but why not see the real thing with your very own eyes?

  1. The transit takes place in the morning so you don't have to stay up late.
  2. It's visible for hours so you can check it out during your morning break at work or any time after sunrise.
  3. And it's something educational that you can do with family and friends that actually requires you to get your head out of your phone and look up!

There's a lot of information on the Internet and in the media that give transit times in Universal Time, which is useless. We have converted that data into local times for the transit's start, midpoint, and finish times from Hawaii to Maine. Here they are:

2019 Mercury Transit Times

2019 mercury transit times

Mercury's Path Across the Sun on November 11, 2019

2019 mercury transit path across sun

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