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Name a Galaxy ET Planet Finder Package

The ET Planet Finder Package includes all of the features of the Hubble Slide Show Package, the Voyage to Mars Package, plus our popular ET Planet Finder Kit, perfect for the amateur astronomer interested in locating habitable planets from their own back yard.

Features & Certificate Styles

Galaxy Certificate

The framable certificate is inscribed with the galaxy name you select and the galaxy's astronomical NGC number, and signed by an astronomer, curator, and archivist from Windowpane Observatory.

There are 3 certificate styles to choose from, perfect for any occasion.

The Father & Child certificate style offers room in the lower right corner where a message of your choice can be included.

name a galaxy standard certificate

Standard Certificate

name a galaxy roses certificate

Pink Roses

name a galaxy father certificate

Father & Son

Voyage to Mars

Send a friend to Mars! This package includes a cyber voyage to Mars, a virtual experience of Mars from the eyes of the Mars Rover, fun facts about the red planet, stunning up-close images of Mars and its moons and more.

[more on the Voyage to Mars Package]

name a galaxy gift
Photo credit: NASA

Hubble Telescope Slide Show

Included in your gift is a stunning audio-visual Hubble Slide Show, a visual feast of 20 images from deep space taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Available on CD or via electronic delivery.

[more on the Hubble Slide Show]

The Extraterrestrial Planet Finder Kit

name a galaxy et finder kit

Your gift package also includes our famous Extraterrestrial Planet Finder Kit. Audio instruction, star charts and scientific profiles to show you how to find the nearest inhabitable planets from your own back yard, even without a telescope.

The ET Planet Finder Kit gives coordinates and a star map of the 5 most visible of these stars and planets. [more info]

Personal Letter from our Chief Astronomer

Your galaxy package will contain a personally written and signed letter from our Chief Astronomer with a scientific profile of the galaxy and other interesting facts about your galaxy.

Star Chart

The full-color custom-made Star Chart locates the exact position of the galaxy in the night sky, relative to the Big Dipper and North Pole. With this chart, the galaxy can be easily located without a telescope.

name a galaxy personal dedication page

Personal Dedication Web Page (Add-on option $19.95)

Express a personal message on a beautiful dedication web page. Select this optional feature during check out.

Cyber-Delivery (Add-on option $7.95)

Want it there fast? Choose this option to deliver your gift via email. Please note: each galaxy registration is individually prepared by hand by real astronomers. Please allow a few hours to receive your electronic documents by email.

ET Planet Finder Package
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