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2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Notes and Instructions on the 2017 Eclipse Map

  • After the program boots up, use your zoom function to zoom into the eclipse path.
  • Note that there is a blue line in the middle of the shaded area. The blue line is the center-line of longest totality. As you move North or South of the blue line, the totality is shorter.
  • The pink colored lines that border the shaded area is where totality ends and you will see a partial eclipse. 
  • As you move your cursor, in the upper left hand corner, you will see exact terrestrial GPS coordinates.
  • Left-click on any location, and you will have complete information about the eclipse at that exact spot including start and stop times of totality. 
  • Click on the blue Help link in the upper right hand corner of any pop-up for more information about all the great things this program can do for you.

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Commemorate Your Experience

If you witnessed the Great American Eclipse (whether partial or total), certify your experience with an official Eclipse Certificate.

8x11 eclipse certificate

The certificate documents your precise eclipse start and end times and percentage of totality for your exact location.


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