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2017 Solar Eclipse Certificate
Certify your August 2017 total eclipse observation with an official Windowpane Observatory Eclipse Certificate. We will supply eclipse start and end times and percentage of totality for your exact location.
Price: $19.95
2018 Dark Skies Calendar
 Gorgeous 2018 wall calendar, featuring the 9 original planets (yes, we've put Pluto back in the solar system!)
Price: $19.99
2018 Dark Skies Star Guide
 A monthly guide to the celestial splendors of a dark night sky.
Price: $14.99
2024 Solar Eclipse Trip Advisor
Talk on the phone with a real astronomer to plan and prepare a personalized eclipse experience for you and your family.
Price: $22.00
Extraterrestrial Planet Finder Kit
Conduct your own Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence!
Price: $19.95
Secrets of the Christmas Star Audio CD
Myths & Realities about the Star of Bethlehem
Price: $14.95
Star and Planet Locator Map
A must-have for astronomy lovers.
Price: $7.95