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   This page is for anyone who'd like to learn more about Astronomy and the
grand universe we live in.  Astronomy,  like any other hobby, can be expensive.
But it doesn't have to be.  The only things you need to get started are your eyes,
and maybe a chair or blanket to make yourself comfortable.  Binoculars can really
add to the things you can see.  If you don't own a pair,  maybe a friend will let you
borrow theirs so you can enjoy the view even more.  ( I have friends who  purchased
a pair from a Pawn Shop or a garage sale.)  Don't buy the small "opera glasses",
as these won't help you much when viewing objects in  a dark sky.  Give it a try !!

  A star chart can be helpful to locate and identify the constellations and  
other wonderful things. You can probably find one at your local library. To emphasize
how little you need to get started,  there are several meteor showers that occur
each year,  and you don't need any equipment to see them,  just your eyes.           
And the recent comet, "Hale-Bopp", could be seen with the naked eye, also. NEAT. 


         Here is a picture I took of Comet "Hale-Bopp" with a 35 mm camera.
  The picture's not great, but you get the idea.  You don't need fancy equipment.
        I really enjoyed watching it move across the sky over several months




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     If you think you would like to give it a try, here are a few Web Sites
    Sites you can check out.  All of these can be helpful in different ways.

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   Sky & Telescope
                     Magazine -

  A great way to get started.  This monthly magazine
has star charts to help you learn your way around the
sky.  It shows where to see the constellations, and
lots of beautiful objects.   



                 NASA Web Site

  This is a neat place to find out about the latest
goings on in space,  such as the recent launch of 
the "Mars Probe".  It also has many beautiful
pictures of nebulas and galaxies, etc.
(Check out the "PICTURE  OF THE DAY".)      



        Orion Telescope -     
                      & Supplies

  Send for a free catalog that has everything from star charts
and books,  to telescopes and binoculars. Also items like
videos and computer software for  those who want to learn
more about Astronomy.  I call it my  "Wish Book".  Check
out "Meade" and "Celestron" to order their catalogs, too.        



    A Astronomy Clubs -

  These clubs can be found about anywhere. They have classes
and friendly folks who help out anyone from the beginner to the
more experienced. Their  STAR PARTIES  are a terrific way to
try out telescopes, binoculars, etc.  before you buy.  You will be
able to look through many telescopes, some small and some
HUGE !  A great way to have fun while you learn, so don't be shy
to ask questions or to look through someone's scope !!     




          The Internet  
                          elIItself -                    

  Just type in the word "Astronomy" and you will get DOZENS 
of pages to explore.  Don't forget to save the pages you like !!     

 of pages to explore !!   Don't forget to SAVE the pages you like .Just type in the word   "Astronomy",  and you will  get dozens
 of pages to explore !!   Don't forget to SAVE the pages you like

  I am definitely an amateur,  but this has been a hobby of mine for years.
I have 3 telescopes, (a 10" dobsonian, a Celestar 8,  a NexStar 4), and get
out every chance I can to explore, to learn, and have FUN !!                

   If you have any questions, please write, and I'll help you any way I can.   


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If you enjoyed this page, let a friend know. THANKS.      

get this gear!         



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