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Extraterrestrial Planet Finder Kit
Extraterrestrial Planet Finder Kit
Conduct your own Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence!

Astronomers at Windowpane Observatory have assembled a scientific kit for amateur astronomers to attempt to locate and contact extraterrestrials.

The Hubble Space Telescope has positively identified over 200 planets orbiting around stars similar to our own sun. This ET kit gives you the coordinates of all those stars and planets.

We have prepared a special star chart that plots the brightest of these, which you can find in the night sky from your own back yard.

An audio CD helps you find these possible extraterrestrial locations and explores what kind of life might exist out there.

The Extraterrestrial Planet Finder Kit contains:
  • Full color star chart
  • Scientific profile
  • Instruction guide
  • Audio CD 
Price: $19.95
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